Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Failed a little

Sorry I didn't write yesterday, as promised...not that anyone follows THAT closely. {Sorry if you do Janet}. :)

To answer the question, in my own way, I am definitely a blog whore! :o) I decided it's fun though and I'm TOTALLY okay with it! I came to the realization after I found myself trolling through blogs of note one day & reading through my loveable google reader app. I realized that I follow about 25 blogs through reader, religiously, and pick up 2-3 new blogs per week. LOL Therefore, anyone who gets around blogs THAT much I figure MUST be a blog whore...are you? :o)

Not much has been going on these last couple of days. I think I already said that being out of town was GREAT! :) Work is going REALLY well! I had every right to be so excited about it. I'm definitely performing very well, keeping a good attitude & getting TONS done. It always feels fantastic to be productive, even if it makes you sore a little (in the brain or body)! LOL

Gavin is still sick & both the kids were pretty ornery today. Dustin started class tonight & that marks the official beginning of us not seeing each other until 8pm all week long. :( Endure to the end they say (the end of April that is). Hehe.

I'm excited to start school myself but don't actually have class until Thursday & only on Thursday...we'll see how that works out. I haven't gotten a start on my online classes yet, but probably will tomorrow since I'll be bored to tears being all alone. :(

I'm done ranting, I think.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy & Sad

So I'm happy & sad at the same time! It happens to me a lot, I'm a complex person. :o) LOL

I'm happy because I successfully got some MUCH needed R & R away with the hubby this weekend. The cabin was GREAT, the scenery BEAUTIFUL & the whole experience just positively enjoyable. I feel very rejuvenated & very much looking forward to the week ahead.

I'm happy also because it's back to work this week, and I'm loving the chance to continue to sink my teeth in & make real progress. I like the direction that the company is going and feel like I have a huge opportunity to have amazing climbs and reach incredible summits in the coming months & year.

In addition to getting back to work I'm happy because we picked up the much missed munchkins tonight. Gavin is sick, which is a bummer, but he's such a chill kid & handles it so well that it doesn't really put me out...I just feel bad for him. :(

And the happiness just keeps on going...On top of the kids, work, and R & R it's back to school! One would think that with all there is on my plate I might be dreading getting back to school so soon, but I am actually really stoked & looking forward to it. My schedule this semester is Business Statistics, a 1 credit Powerpoint class, two management classes & baseline upper division marketing. I am REALLY excited to finally be in the ACTUAL business program and done with my pre-req's. Everyone I talk to says school will rock from here on out & I totally believe them. (Even if it is a lie I'm fully invested in it & excited!) LOL

Anywho...there is an update for now. That's pretty much all that's going on. There is much more that I'm happy about but those are the things that are "top-of-mind" at the moment. Tomorrow I'll answer the blog whore question that I threw out there & got not one reply to... :( Hence the sad. Oh well though, my value fortunately is not dependent on the comments I receive. LMAO

I'll also try to post the pics from the trip. I didn't take one pic of the scenery (I know, lame), but got some cute one's of my husband. :) I also need to post some pics of him & the pink cast. It's becoming quite famous & oddly is signed only by women (if you know Dustin you're saying to yourself "Go figure") :o)