Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break Vacation

So I know that all 4 of you are just DYING to hear about my travels! :o) I have SO much to say, but I've just been enjoying my kids & getting life after vacation put back together. I have about a million posts to do so keep an eye out.

As soon as my camera is uploaded I'll be on my way! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random Updates

So Holly's been nagging me & I also realized that I don't live up to the title of my blog very least not keeping you all updated on the Northern Highlights. :o) Not that my life is without highlights, cause I feel like for the most part the color scheme of my world is various neon's all the time. I just need to be a little more disciplined about posting them.

Random Highlight/Update #1: School

School is going good for Dustin & I both. I'm getting excited for the semester to be done, of course, but for the most part I'm really enjoying my classes.

Random Highlight/Update #2: Dani's Work

I'm not working anymore & at first the change to student & housewife/mom full time was an adjustment. I'm filling the hours nicely now though & feel like I'm getting a lot done. Taxes are finished, the house is clean, school work is pretty well current & I'm spending time with the kids more.

Random Highlight/Update #3: Dustin's Work

Dustin pretty well stopped working after Thanksgiving. He didn't work at all until about 2 weeks ago when a big job they were waiting on (5 story storage units) finally got started. They are now working 8 hour days & the job should last at least a couple of months.

During the time that Dustin was pretty well unemployed his friend approached him about doing summer sales for Pinnacle Security. Janet & I both have this system so we were already familiar with the product & the sale amount/contract. While I was still working it was sort of a distant consideration, but then when I lost my job (layoff, not fired) we decided it was our best option & would also probably be a lot of fun. :o)

Random Highlight/Update #4: Relocation

Due to the summer sales job commitment we'll be leaving for Pittsburgh, PA the last week of April. The sales season is from May 1-August 31. I'm tagging along, which apparently isn't all that uncommon for married couples. Juggling the kids proved to be a little challenging & will also be slightly painful I'm sure (we'll be without them the last 2 1/2 months) but aside from that I'm really looking forward to it!

Random Highlight/Update #5: Travel

Because I'll be halfway across the country for the summer I'm hoping to see a good portion of the Northeast. We have Sunday's off & 4 vacation days during the season. If the sales go really well & it's financially feasible we'll travel for all of September. We'll spend about a week in the states & then fly to Milan & spend the remainder of the month in Europe, but plan to be home in time to start block courses in the fall.

Random Highlight/Update #6: Spring Break

Spring Break is next week, along with St. Patty's day & Dustin's birthday. For all those exciting celebrations & just 'because' we're heading to Seattle for the week! :O) I want to stop by & hopefully spend the day in San Fransisco. I visited way back when I was 18 & loved the city then & still love it now. I also read the linecook blog regularly & have this fantasy about eating at his restaurant. :) It 'might' work out & maybe I'll be the "blog stalker" that travels the farthest to see his restaurant & eat his food. LOL

I also hope to visit the infamous Forks on our journey & maybe a little of Canada since I was blessed with a passport, FINALLY, in October last year. I have no idea where the wind will blow us on this journey, but I'm sure I won't get lost because my WONDERFUL mommy is letting me borrow her GPS. :) Hehe

Random Highlight/Update #7: Kids

The kids are fantastic! They are both getting SO smart & really developing the cutest little personalities. On the highest note of all they are BOTH potty trained!! WOO HOO!! As a 'first timer' I must admit that I had quite a bit of anxiety over the whole situation. I had built it up a lot & as it turns out it was a LOT easier than I thought it would be. They both caught on SO well it was just a breeze & I LOVE not having anymore diapers!! (If anyone has a little one & could use size 4-5 diapers let me know. I was so unprepared for it to go that well that I have 1/2 a huge box left).

Random Highlight/Update #8: Becoming an Author

So this might be a little premature, but announcing it might also increase my motivation to push towards my goals. :) My family are quite the little entrepreneurs & I'm quite the little closet writer so we've been collaborating for some time to produce a book about the 12 days of Christmas. There will be no birds, silly gifts, or counting in this novel, but if things turn out well we'll have an excellent book to be enjoyed by many (mostly women) and just maybe something that will increase awareness & make an impact on peoples lives. **My family, we're all about helping people. LOL

I'd like to get to 10, & I'm sure I could, but I have horrendous heartburn & it's all I can think of to spell check this post & be done. I'll do what I can to not let the Highlights stack up again. I probably won't post again before I leave so wish me happy travels & I'll post highlights from the trip & pics when I get back.