Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where's Dani

I figure a little update is in order since I haven't written for so long. I'm going to try to keep this short, but for those who know me, it's really not likely so here goes...enjoy.

May 1st we got to Pittsburgh after 4 days of driving with Gavin, Dustin & I, our friend Brandon (also doing sales for the summer) & 2 nice girlfriends who drove their truck out to bring our belongings. The apartment in Pittsburgh was pleasant. The people who ran the complex, not so much! They had a total vendetta against everyone from Pinnacle & it was just one horrific problem after another for the duration of our stay (which lasted through the first week of July).

Pittsburgh is a beautiful city. So green, so much water! A week or so before we left Dustin & I realized how much we were going to miss it there. We really did get very comfortable & enjoyed our time there a lot.

Everything (court-wise) eventually got worked out with Abi & though Dustin had to fly home for court June 2nd he did get to bring her home. My mom came out on my birthday & took Gavin home on the 4th of July! I miss him SO much it's CRAZY! It's definitely been a very hard thing to get through being without him but I'm surviving (it helps that he is REALLY cute when he talks to me on the phone!) For those of you who haven't seen my kids in a while, they are GROWING UP SO FAST!!

Right after Gavin left we got moved to an extended stay hotel, which is every bit as horrible as it might sound to spend 6 weeks in a place like that. We got by but it was miserable! I took Abi home the last week of July (she had to be home Aug 2nd). Finances were hard & it meant that I couldn't be picky about my travel dates. I ended up being in St. George a WHOLE WEEK which included spending mine & Dustins first anniversary away from him. :(

The trip was really hard on both of us & we don't intend to do it again soon, I did at least get to enjoy seeing my darling other baby (the little one) for a whole week. He was with me almost constantly & we had LOTS of fun!!

Things with the roommates in our house have been a little crazy these last couple months! I'm excited to get back home & be able to be more 'in charge' again. Things just were never like this when we were living there. Plus I REALLY miss my house!!

Instead of traveling for all of September (as we'd hoped) we rolled with the punches & Dustin decided to work in September. Since Pittsburgh is not a year round office for Pinnacle we had to move to a new office. They had a bunch to choose from but we ended up coming to Dallas/Ft Worth. I'm glad we did because it shortened our trip when we drive home for good, now we're just 2 days from home instead of 4. :o)

We left Pittsburgh last Wednesday & drove the car & the bike down to Nashville to stay with extended family (who I LOVE TO PIECES!). I was so glad to get to see Jon. We were totally beat from the journey, especially Dustin on the bike! We ended up staying there 2 days, getting to go out & see Nashville, including the 'honkeytonks' & then driving the rest of the way to our new home on Saturday.

We relaxed Sunday & then got sick & have been sick ever since. :( I'm feeling much better & have been able to get some work & other stuff done these last 2 days but Dustin is still totally laid out. :( I'm sad for him.

The last update I suppose is that Dustin & I are both going back to school this semester. It was really tricky & I'm not happy about the way it turned out but at least we're in, don't have to worry about our loan payments & can take advantage of the financial opportunities of being a student still. :o)

So we're homeward bound the middle/end of September. We both can't wait but in the meantime we're both doing our best to still enjoy life in the present & get a good experience of Dallas.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You'll forgive me, I promise

So I haven't posted in my entire time in Pittsburgh I'm pretty sure...which is disgraceful. I'm now just north of Fort Worth TX finishing out the summer. I'll try to compose a more appropriate update on the happenings later. For now I promise you'll forgive me for not posting in SO long, when you feast your eyes on THIS!

If you'll please follow this link to the most hilarious thing I stumbled across on the internet in quite sometime. When you follow the link there is a box in the top right corner which reads 'Boss coming? Dramatic Pause'. Click there & prepare to at least chuckle.

I would also like you to note that this was NOT passed onto me by someone else, which is where almost all of my internet humor originates from. No, this little gem Dustin & I found all on our own while we were watching TV online last night.

We've been watching all our favorite shows with rather irritating commercial breaks (because they play the same one 6 times during the episode) online now with the office setup. They have one of those baby laptops that hooks right into a really good size flat screen TV. :) I'm not complaining.

Anyway...hope you enjoyed that as much as we did. I also hope that those of you who were wondering weather or not I was still breathing have also recieved some additional relief from this post.

Love ya'll!! (I just visited Nashville & can officially use that word! LOL)