Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You'll forgive me, I promise

So I haven't posted in my entire time in Pittsburgh I'm pretty sure...which is disgraceful. I'm now just north of Fort Worth TX finishing out the summer. I'll try to compose a more appropriate update on the happenings later. For now I promise you'll forgive me for not posting in SO long, when you feast your eyes on THIS!

If you'll please follow this link to the most hilarious thing I stumbled across on the internet in quite sometime. When you follow the link there is a box in the top right corner which reads 'Boss coming? Dramatic Pause'. Click there & prepare to at least chuckle.

I would also like you to note that this was NOT passed onto me by someone else, which is where almost all of my internet humor originates from. No, this little gem Dustin & I found all on our own while we were watching TV online last night.

We've been watching all our favorite shows with rather irritating commercial breaks (because they play the same one 6 times during the episode) online now with the office setup. They have one of those baby laptops that hooks right into a really good size flat screen TV. :) I'm not complaining.

Anyway...hope you enjoyed that as much as we did. I also hope that those of you who were wondering weather or not I was still breathing have also recieved some additional relief from this post.

Love ya'll!! (I just visited Nashville & can officially use that word! LOL)


  1. It's imbedded, sorry. Click on the words 'this link' & it will take you there. :) My bad. It is a little hard to see links on my page.