Saturday, June 13, 2009

Spring Break Report Part 2 - San Fransisco

Thursday we got up & drove to San Fransisco. I love this city & was so excited to see it again, plus Dustin had never been so it added GREATLY to my excitement! Dustin & I are kind of interesting travelers...we don't really make a lot of concrete plans - we just kick ideas around & figure out where the wind blows us. :o) On the drive down we decided to drive all the way west to the 101. I've always wanted to drive it. We knew (bless Google Maps) that it would really lengthen our trip but we headed out anyway.

The drive was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I love the green so much! I miss the desert a little, but I think only because it's dry. Hehe. When the sun went down (almost all the way through Oregon) we headed back East to get on the 5 to hopefully make our trip a little shorter. We ended up not getting to San Fran until 4 am! We were tired & cranky when we crossed the Bay Bridge & ended up paying $60 for parking for our 2 day stay!! Again, I will NEVER drive to a big city again!! It's all about public transportation, cabs & good old shoeburu's!!

We only had the one day in the city the next day so we made the most of it. We got up after only a couple hours sleep, jumped on the bus after breakfast & headed for Fisherman's Wharf. We had lunch there, walked around a bit, saw a pretty cool collection of boats that is a national monument, or park or something. *We have the all access pass every year because of Zion & have used it so many times this year that we bought a little National Park Passport. :) Again, outdoorsy, historical, & kinda dorky. LOL

After Fisherman's Wharf we went to Golden Gate Park. We took some really cool pics, froze our bums off again (the wind was RIDICULOUS!) & headed on the bus to Haight & Ashbury. I'd always wanted to go there. The hippy in me has been craving it for YEARS. We took pics there of course & jumped on the bus to go eat at Nopa. I think I documented my Nopa experience in another post - so I'll suffice it to say that it was the most incredible meal I've EVER eaten!!! (sorry mommy)

After collecting & sorting through lots of pictures of us I find that he makes this face often & it absolutely cracks me up! I have to also tell that he makes this face when he dances silly - also very funny. :o)
After dinner we asked around about local shows & ended up at a Jazz/Funk show of a group that are apparently legends (people were waiting for decades to see this show...we'd never heard of them.) Hehe. :o) The venue was absolutely amazing, again. If you've never been to a small venue show & enjoy concerts it's something you MUST do!! The experience at a small venue verses 20,000 people just can't even be explained! At both shows Dustin was in the bathroom with the performer prior to their set! :)

We got back to the hotel super late & were pretty exhausted the whole drive home. The drive through Cali was gorgeous though. We were going to take the 5 all the way to the 15 & then up, but ended up cutting through on this little highway that was a BREATHTAKING drive! We were so happy we did it.

Our exhaustion made us contemplate a night stay in Vegas, but we stuck it out, made it home...and that's where the adventure ends. :o)

Hope you're happy Beth!

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